DigitalAgorà is a preparatory action for Flagships 2020-2030 aimed at harnessing the data digital revolution to improve life of European Citizens

Flagship Preparatory Action

What is DigitalAgorà

DigitalAgorà is a preparatory action for Flagships 2020-2030 aimed at harnessing the digital revolution to improve the life of European Citizens

FET Flagships are science- and technology-driven, large-scale, multidisciplinary research initiatives built around a visionary unifying goal. They tackle Grand Science and Technology (S&T) challenges requiring cooperation among a range of disciplines, communities, and programmes. FET Flagships should provide a strong and broad basis for future innovation and economic exploitation, as well as novel benefits for society of a potentially high impact. Their overarching nature and magnitude imply that they can only be realized through a collaborative, long-term sustained cooperation effort.

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Sudden transitions pervade ecosystem collapse, complex diseases or social disruption. Long before the term "tipping point" became well known, Robert May published this elegant paper (just as timely today):

The next time you're in Paris, such as for NetSci 2018 (@netsci2018), take a trek to Rue Henri Poincaré and perhaps see a show at the Theatre du Chaos. #NetSci18

At @GeSIConnect, we are proud to be a partner to this EU proposal. Digital is the key for sustainability.

@UrbanForesight is delighted to be part of this important proposal

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