DigitalAgorà is a preparatory action for Flagships 2020-2030 aimed at harnessing the data digital revolution to improve life of European Citizens


Dear all,

Bellow, you can find a list of scientists, stakeholders, institutions and other partners that are participating, in one way or another, in this initiative, that is run at the moment by the three of us. We all believe that science-driven and evidence-based decisions allow building a better world.

We started the Flagship initiative DigitalAgorà with our colleagues to make European cities a better place to live in. We believe that data (not only digital) can and must help in this objective. The consortium will, therefore, include the needed expertise of many colleagues, stakeholders, and entrepreneurs to make it possible to achieve our objectives and prepare a winning Flagship proposal that will eventually help Europe to transition in a seamless way to the digital Society of the Future. If you are interested and want to join DigitalAgorà, just send your expression of interest to our mail

Guido, Yamir, and Sarah