DigitalAgorà is a preparatory action for Flagships 2020-2030 aimed at harnessing the data digital revolution to improve life of European Citizens

Currently, we lack a technology that helps us acquire, provide with control, integrate and make sense of our own data, and to connect with our peers to develop collective awareness, agree on common goals, and to explore potential consequences of alternative actions, in order to address our urban area’s societal challenges.

To bridge this gap, DigitalAgorà envisages an interactively adapting ICT-architecture. Its instances, called “urban intelligence ecosystems”, will support urban information exchange and complex coordination. They will not only gather and integrate personal data from multiple sources in privacy preserving and secure ways but also enable their users to extract useful knowledge at the individual level, as well as combining this knowledge with information created at the collective level by means of a totally decentralized social network of peers. The double purpose of extracting knowledge will be to foster awareness, through a smart visualization and assessment of the present, and to allow the creation of scenarios by playing “what if?” games. Through realistic forecasts of plausible future evolutions from the current conditions, we aim at providing everybody with the possibility to explore how their actions may affect and modify their future.